Friday, October 15, 2021

Thursday, October 14, 2021


One of my favorite albums this year so far is Cassandra Jenkins' LP An Overview on Phenomenal Nature.

Here is a track, "Hailey (Premix)," which is part of a forthcoming collection of outtakes, demos, first takes, and more, (An Overview on) An Overview on Phenomenal Nature, due November 19th.

Current Track list:

1. Michelangelo (demo)

2. New Bikini first take)

3. Crosshairs (interlude)

4. Ms. Cassandra

5. American Spirits

6. Hailey (premix)

7. Ambiguous Norway (instrumental)

8. Hard Drive (security guard)

Preorder CD / Vinyl here.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

anybody's guess

Coco, featuring members of the Dirty Projectors, have released this mellow stunner "Anybody's Guess."

The band shares: “Anybody’s Guess” is the last song on our record, and serves as a summary of sorts. In general we were thinking less about traditional song form and more about creating a narrative arc through scene changes - a suite. The bassline melody that accompanies the “doot doot”s is worth pointing out because its origins were in some ways emblematic of the whole record’s approach - we all came up with our own basslines and stitched together the best bits from each one."

blue rose

Lovely live performance at Old Soul Studios in the Catskills of track, "Blue Rose" by Ryan Martin, off the album Wandercease.

"A blue rose doesn’t exist in nature; it represents the desire we feel for things that seem so beautiful and alluring but are actually illusions we conjure up in our minds. It was written about heroin but it could be anything – a relationship, possessions, social status. It was a favorite among the studio band and very much inspired by the music of Pat Hull, a songwriter I have loved and played around with since my earliest days in Chico back in 2007." –Ryan Martin

ryan tagged

Not that I can afford TAG Heuer, but I am loving this Ryan Gosling as ambassador ad campaign. Photos are shot by Pari Dukovic.