Thursday, January 31, 2013

art by michael paul britto

Love these collages.

Michael Jackson, Michael Paul Britto

Diana Ross, Michael Paul Britto

James Brown, Michael Paul Britto

David Bowie, Michael Paul Britto

Prince, Michael Paul Britto

Derrick Adams, Michael Paul Britto

Gary Coleman, Michael Paul Britto

Leatherface, Michael Paul Britto

Also some really fascinating installations.

NANNIES ON PARADE, Michael Paul Britto

Resin, Plastic Dolls, Yarn, Wire Strollers

BOTTLE BLOND #1, Michael Paul Britto

Glass Bottle, Plastic Cap, Synthetic Hair

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

illustrations by jon stich

cover art by karen g.

I put together a selection of some album covers that are just unforgettable from my childhood years.  I remember spending hours flipping through the albums we had in our home and just staring at the art and track listings.  Our music collection was a point of pride in my family and I felt like we could have opened a vinyl store with all the LP’s we had in those days.  My parents and older siblings had quite an eclectic selection of music, so I was lucky enough to be exposed, to not only exceptional music, but also great cover art.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


You you you...

In the darkness...

Do you really wanna fight...

The night is on my mind...

Day & night / night & day...

The luxury of having you by my side...

Higher ground...


I gotta 100 dolla bill in my back pocket...