Monday, September 30, 2013

seventies september

So I attempted to review as many 70s films as I could for September but got a bit sidetracked with health stuff.  On the mend now and ready to take on Horror month for October!

Thanks a million to Karen G. and Justin Lockwood for your contributions!

Film Reviews:

The Anderson Tapes
The Baby
Car Wash
The Dunwich Horror
Switchblade Sisters
The Telephone Book

Guest Posts:

Justin Lockwood's 70s Horror Faves

Karen G.'s favorite 70s film scores 

To Stepford We Go by Karen G.

Flamboyant 70s Horror Picks by Karen G. & Gloomy ones & Spooky, dusty ones

70s scores by karen g.

Taxi Driver (1976) – Bernard Herrmann

This gritty, atmospheric soundtrack sums up the neon and grime of 70’s New York in a perfectly smooth sequence.

The Conversation (1974) – David Shire

The soundtrack of this movie perfectly captures the suspense and mystery of this fantastic, yet underrated film.

The Deer Hunter (1978) – Stanley Myers

Probably one of my favorite pieces of music ever composed.  The music evokes the beauty and simplicity of life in a small town and the crushing emotion and devastation of those who served in Vietnam.

The Fury (1978) – John Williams

This is a sorely underrated soundtrack.  I believe this may be one of John Williams’ best.  (Don’t tell the Star Wars fans I said that).

Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975) – Gheorghe Zamfir

The dark subject matter of this story blends beautifully with Zamfir’s eerie soundtrack.  This Australian film centers around the disappearance of several schoolchildren and their teacher during a picnic, and the subsequent devastating effect of their disappearance on their community.

The Godfather (1972) – Nino Rota

This beautifully complex piece of music compliments the story of humble beginnings and the rise to absolute power so incredibly!  Yes, another favorite of mine.

Images (1972) – John Williams

Turn off the lights and listen to this soundtrack in the dark. I dare you.

- Karen G.

art by lauren gregory

Check out these videos by artist Lauren Gregory.

She did the artwork for Toro Y Moi's latest clip for "Rose Quartz."

"Lauren Gregory's TV," 2008

Sunday, September 29, 2013

annie brackett's last drive

A new mixtape of songs inspired by Annie Brackett from Halloween (1978).


Ethereal Moods / Jean-Luc Ponty
Embrace (Cyclist Remix) / Goldroom
Fragments of Time (Roman Kouder Remix) / Daft Punk
Private Time / The Hood Internet
Paint a Smile on Me / Black Yaya
Free Your Mind / Cut Copy
Cape Town / Clubfeet
When Poison Starts to Burn / The Hood Internet
All Me (Vogue Rerub) / Fantasy Thrilla
Coma Cat Flash / Fear of Dawn
When the Night is Over / The Magician
Boy / HNNY
Annie / Anthonio
Ethereal Moods (Cyclist Remix) / Jean-Luc Ponty
Fragments of Time (Piano Solo) / Daft Punk
Laurie's Theme (Excerpt) / John Carpenter

Friday, September 27, 2013


Dope (& free) Natural Animal remix of "Faded" by Bear Mountain.

And a dancey (free) track by Natural Animal...

And also check Natural Animal's awesome (& free!) mixtape of music...

Todd Terje - "Snooze 4 Love"

Goldroom - "St. Ides Heaven" (Elliott Smith Cover)

Flight Facilities - "I Didn't Believe (Lou Teti Remix)"

Ninetoes - "Finder
Clubfeet - "Cape Town (Panama Remix)"

Todd Terje - "Strandbar (Disko Version)"

Melee Beats - "Vectors (Someone Like You)"

DJ Mujava - "Township Funk (Crazy P Mix)"

Bear Mountain - "Faded (Natural Animal Remix)
Marcus Marr - "The Music"

Downtown Party Network - "Days Like These"

John Talabot - "So Will Be Now"

Cosmic Kids & Fingerpaint - "Manteiga"

Dino Lenny - "West End Girls"

Vario - "Falling In Love"
Nora En Pure - "Come With Me"

HNNY - "Boy"

The Establishment - "Love Like This"

Young Empires - "White Doves (Natural Animal Remix)
Gorillaz - "On Melancholy Hill
Natural Animal - "Who You Are"

flowers by judith linhares