Wednesday, November 10, 2010

double takes

My friend Katie Parry went to a wedding this weekend. She shared a pic of her awesome bun which immediately reminded me of Tippi Hedren's twist in The Birds (they are even wearing the same color!). Even the barn is similar!

Melanie (Tippi Hedren) in Mitch's kitchen in Bodega Bay:

The barn!

The lovely Ms. Parry at the wedding in a very cool black dress (vintage!) and her dapper friend Will.


  1. omg jberg - your moviedar is out of control! you have such movie-moment-memory it's crazy! love it :)!

  2. Tippi's bun got PECKED UP by those crazy birds. The scene where they all flew in through the chimney was devastating - they flew right into her chic updo and the movie was EXXTRA from that scene on. Ms. Parry looked lovely by the way. Thanks for another great post. I suddenly have the urge to buy a green suit and about 8,000 bobby pins so I can recreate this look.

  3. KP you are such a little Draper about 5 decades too late. But lovely as always.

    I agree that your moviedar is off the charts JB, you're like my own personal when I'm too lazy to do my own research. But remember - my intuition for popular coming-of-age films just scored you major Feud points.

  4. Wow, I love the bun! And what a great vintage dress.

  5. OMG the similarity is amazing!


  6. She looks amazing! Her friend Will looks great too - he looks very GQ with his well fitted suit, skinny tie, tie bar and pocket square! its always nice to see a guy dressed as well as a lady!