Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the babysitter's dead threads

Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead was on Cinemax this morning and I was tempted to call out sick and watch. It's been a while since I've seen it last (I watched it a lot in '91 / '92)... and it's just so fun.  Remember the entertainment center that one of the kiddies buys with stolen "petty cash"? It looks laughably archaic today, a nice reminder that the technological things we covet quickly become obsolete. Some may say that about the incredible clothes so vividly on display in the film. Especially eye-opening is Sue Ellen's (Christina Applegate) fashion show in her backyard. I hope the remake never comes to light because this film is so pure with its early 90s aura.

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Sue Ellen inspiration.

Important life lessons from the film!

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  1. I would have called out sick with you!!! I remember going to the movies with my cousins to see this and then raiding my mom's closet when we got home to "replay" the fashion show. What a great write-up and such a fun movie to remember!!! I may have to look it up when I get home. I wonder if it's on Netflix Instant?? Can anyone say: "Petty Cash"?

  2. I'm still creeped out by the guy who comes on to her at work, and can never get over David Ducovny's hair. I'm right ontop of that Rose!

  3. omg i absolutely loved this movie. i totally needed petty cash and QED reports. love the trip down memory lane!