Wednesday, September 10, 2014

landfill, 1989

I'm blissed to have a poem, "Landfill, 1989" in the new glitterMOB.  I wrote it quite feverishly and submitted it on a whim.

Electric layout and so much cool writing in the issue.


Candice Wuehle
Meredith Blankinship 
Donald Dunbar
Judith van der Made
Ann Ward
Morgan Parker
Luis Silva
Kelly Schirmann
Nolan Allan
Penny Goring
Kim Vodicka
Krystal Languell and Robert Alan Wenderborn
Ann Catherine Carter
Tyler Gobble
David Blumenshine
Debora Kuan
Morgan Higby-Flowers
Ruby Kapka
Sarah Bridgins

Do check it out.

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