Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I thought of no better way to kick off National Poetry Month and my first poetry post with a poem from a friend.


I manage putting you behind me -- save
these head turns. Suddenly fourteen
again, back of the family Ford, final wave
goodbye to the only home I've known. “Green
on the other side,” Dad swears: my first
lesson in the windowed view. I believe
people defy distance. I mistrust
the forward and new of leaving you.

Still, I'm artful. I paint my Sunday park
all picnic, all foreground, with no respect
to the displaced lake. I ignore the dark.
I dot my far-off trees haphazard, stark.

- Alicia Rebecca Myers

Alicia Rebecca Myers received her MFA in Poetry from NYU in 2006, where she was a Goldwater Writing Fellow. Her chapbook, Greener, is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press, and she has a poem in the current issue of Buffalo Carp. She writes a blog.

To order her chapbook email greenerchapbook@gmail.com

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