Tuesday, February 8, 2011

if you have ghosts: unconventional love

Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is nigh, so why not celebrate with some unconventional love stories?

Here is a list of film favorites from If you have ghosts

Unconventional people in unconventional situations, in unconventional love.

1.) Harold and Maude:

Harold: Maude?
Maude: Yeah?
Harold: [pulls the stamped coin from the arcade out of his pocket] Here.
Maude: A gift!
[reads the engraving]
Maude: "Harold loves Maude."... and Maude loves Harold. This is the nicest gift I've received in years.
[she throws the stamped coin into the water]
Harold: [gasps, bemused]
Maude: So I'll always know where it is.

IYHG: There it is.

2.) Badlands: Kit and Holly.

A beautiful film with an ugly story.

3.) Ed Wood: Ed and Kathy.

4.) Blade Runner: Roy and Pris, Deckard and Rachael.

Certainly, a story with the nature of humanity and definition of life as its primary concerns would include the experience of and ability to love at its core.

5.) Ladyhawke: Navarre and Isabeau.

This film has unfortunately been somewhat overlooked. I hadn't seen it in years, then my mom recommended it for this list. Made sense, so, I recommend it too. Try to ignore the, as many others have already observed, inappropriate and dated musical score. I was going to put Cat People (1942) in this spot originally, then decided that I don't necessarily consider it a love story in its entirety. Interestingly, I still ended up with a movie featuring people who inconveniently turn into animals.


It just feels right, closing the list with these two.

Doctor Who (Tennant-era): The Doctor and Rose.


  1. A somewhat 'contrarian' view of "love" in the movies. What a refreshingly original list. I truly enjoyed the nod to Ladyhawke and Bladerunner. I will look at these movies in a new light. Mentioning it as a "must-see" for Valentine's Day might be met with some concern, but then again, being different is what I live for. Well done!

  2. Love Harold and Maude, will have to watch it again soon!

  3. Awesome post!
    Love these films, especially Blade Runner!