Tuesday, January 5, 2021


"Michelangelo," a new single from Cassandra Jenkins, just dropped. It has a very similar vibe to Aimee Mann in style and sound. Wavy guitars loop throughout the build.

Cassandra's forthcoming LP is An Overview on Phenomenal Nature due February 19th on Ba Da Bing Records.

Jenkins notes on the forthcoming album that it "was written as I pivoted from one sudden drastic change in my life to the next. Spaces and conversations became the punctums that helped me develop an intuition for where to go next, and how to connect the dots in a cloud of unknowns. Out of that experience came moments of connection– whether with people I met, or the natural landscape, or both– that provided a sense of wonder amidst confusion. This period of my life was all about trying to feel comfortable amidst chaos, and accessing a sense of balance in those brief moments just before everything inevitably shifts again."

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