Tuesday, January 25, 2011

oscar nomination day shoutouts

My favorite film of the year The King's Speech rules with 12 nominations. Complete list here.

Martin Filler tells us what's truth and fiction in The King's Speech in New York Review of Books.

Oscar frontrunner Colin Firth interview on the film.

Annette Bening talks about making The Kids Are All Right.

Natalie Portman talks Black Swan.

Melissa Leo defends the character she portrayed, Alice Ward, in The Fighter. See also The Steely Matriarchs Speak.

Director David O. Russell on The Fighter.

Jeff Bridges and Hailee Steinfeld on True Grit.

The excellent John Hawkes from Winter's Bone discusses the film.


  1. I am a big Colin Firth fan so I am thrilled about the nominations. Just saw True Grit this past weekend, and it is fantastic. Jeff Bridges did an amazing job!

  2. should I feel guilty for not liking Hailee? :)
    i haven't seen the film yet, but I am bothered by her calculated way of being. she's 14, why is she pretending to be 18?! :) wrong role-models.

  3. @alex i thought hailee held her own and was fine in the film but def. rooting for melissa leo.

  4. I've wanted to see 'The King's Speech' for a while now- I must put this on my to-do list!