Friday, May 4, 2018

art by am debrincat

Here is some amazing work from artist AM DeBrincat.

Halogen Venus, AM DeBrincat's first solo show in Australia, opens at 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia on May 12. DeBrincat's work will also be featured in Unravelled Beauty, a three-person show opening  May 10 at The Spur in Southampton, New York curated by Kelcey Edwards of Iron Gate East.

Artist statement below:

AM DeBrincat's paintings create unique worlds where online and offline life meet and merge. Her mixed media technique combines fragments of images sourced from social media and image searches which are transfer printed onto canvas and intermingled with lush oil painting. Combining digital and analog media like pieces in a visual puzzle, DeBrincat builds paintings which explore how we create identity and sense of self in the digital age. AM DeBrincat creates mixed media paintings of figures who stare out engaging the viewer or who close their eyes in an introspective moment. Reinterpreting portrait painting for the digital era, AM DeBrincat combines found digital photos with traditional oil painting to portray people who are built from digital and analog fragments. DeBrincat views each painting as a confrontation between the coldness of digital photography and the warm sensuality of oil painting. The figures in her paintings appear as hybrids, at once digital and handmade. For DeBrincat, they speak to our current struggle to find balance between our digital and our “real” offline lives.  These mixed-media works encourage viewers to consider how all of our lives in the modern era are – like these images – a hybrid mix of digital and “real” offline moments.

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