Friday, March 5, 2021

chasing the sun

Here's a mellow, but dancey new track + visualizer video from Bass Race, "Chasing the Sun."

The L.A. notes of the single, "We were in Pittsburgh a couple years ago over Christmas to see my family and we visited our good friend Pete Mudge in his studio along with our friends Laura Herrmann and Blane Britt (GrandEar). There was a snow storm, and it was freezing. Once we were inside, we started to warm up and Pete played us some beats he had been working on. When we heard the track that would soon become "Chasing the Sun," we all started smiling right away. The creativity started flowing and within a couple hours, I had recorded all the vocals and Steven laid down some guitars. The gray weather definitely inspired the song title, but the song lyrics detail the arduous process of overcoming writer's block and chasing creative inspiration.”

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