Tuesday, March 16, 2021

come rain or come shine

Here's a dreamy rendition with experimental instrumental flourishes of "Come Rain Or Come Shine" from L.A.-based singer / songwriter Gretchen Lieberum.

Lieberum notes, “’Come Rain Or Come Shine’ is a song about lasting love persevering through good times and bad, which is a message that certainly speaks to me, and I imagine many of us, these days. There are many versions of the song that I absolutely love - performed by Ray Charles and Billie Holiday for example. But the version that inspired our iteration of it is performed by Chet Baker. He does a really haunting version accompanied by acoustic guitar. I think you can hear our homage to his performance within ours. Instead of guitar, we used a Celeste. And then Keefus mashed that up with soaring orchestral samples. Raven Violet, Keefus’s daughter, directed and edited the video. It’s mostly comprised of public domain footage she found online. I think she has an incredible eye and the creativity of her dad.”

Lieberum's album of reimagined standards, This May Only Be A Dream, is out May 7th. 

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