Friday, November 6, 2009

smart scents

Today Rio and I trekked up to the beautiful Herald Square Duane Reade (on Broadway & 35th St). This Duane Reade is no ordinary store. It carries a wide selection of organic grocieries and cosmetics! It is gorgeous and the floors are gleaming.

We met the very friendly CEO of Demeter Mark D. Crames. In case you're not familiar, Demeter is an excellent and unique line of fragrances specializing in familiar scents (Laundromat, Bonfire, and even Play Doh). All of the scents are authentic and subtly inviting.

Rio purchased two great ones: Humidor (the rich scent of cigar) and Giant Sequoia (a lovely whiff of the redwoods).

I went for Leather (new car-ish) and Suntan Lotion (very Coppertone!).

We also got free samples of new specialty fragrance, Christmas in New York, which is very festive on skin (think vanilla and pine).

This particular Duane Reade is the best one to find Demeter in New York City. They carry 90 unique fragrances from the line!

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