Thursday, November 5, 2009

strangest shows from childhood

Yesterday's post on "Saved By the Bell" reminded me of how much bad TV I consumed as a child. I'm saddened by this.

Here's just a sampling of the strangest shows from childhood.


"Small Wonder"

Some have found subversive political meaning behind the show.

"Muppet Babies"

"The Snorks"

"Out of this World"

Can you think of any others?


  1. we had the best shows, today's kids don't have anything as trippy and fun to watch.

  2. Maybe i'm too young but some of these go over my head. But I LOVEEEEED the Dinosaurs... wish that still came on :-/

  3. oh vincent! oh catherine! beauty and the beast fo sho!

  4. Awesome!! I watched every single one of these shows when I was a kid!

  5. remember today's special? the people/animals/mannequins that lived in the department store? i'm gonna go google...

  6. Wow. I'll be popping Xanax with a bourbon chaser for weeks to try and RE-forget these tragedies....haa!


  7. Oh I used to watch all these too; Muppet Babies was my favorite. Also, "New Zoo Revue".

  8. OMG! I watched all of those! what about David the Gnome? Under the Umbrella Tree? The Elephant Show? The Crazy World of Alex Mack? Wild and Crazy Kids? Eerie Indiana?!

    The list goes on and on!