Tuesday, March 26, 2013

tu(n)esday! by melissa presti

Today's Tu(n)esday! picks were selected by Melissa Presti!

To Kill A King has their debut album Cannibals With Cutlery out now, and it's my favorite of 2013 thus far. I seriously can't pick a favorite track so I'm playing "Funeral" AND "Fictional State" to give you a taste.

I just finished Netflix streaming my way through every episode of Skins, and the series finale ended with "Don't Go" by Rae Morris. So perfect.

Ghost Beach creates tropical-grit-pop with "Close Enough" and if you get to one of their live shows, it's quite the epic dance party.

Sam Smith's "Lay Me Down" has SOUL. Listen for some feels.

Walk Off The Earth can do more than a cover song..."Red Hands"

The return of Fall Out Boy kills it with "My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark" (and they still have ridiculously long song titles)

Kelly Clarkson is my Beyonce. Sometimes.

Taylor Swift & Gary Lightbody.

Breathe Carolina "Blackout" - show me your moves.


  1. I'm devastated Skins is dunzo. Thank you for the fresh tunes!

  2. God, this Skins song. It's from series 6, right? I wasn't on board with the third gen and stopped watching after I loathed the first episode of the sixth series. But it sounds beautiful, and very Skins too. Hmm. Good choice on watching it, though!

    AND HELL, Lay Me Down? Thanks, yep, I really wanted to get no sleep because I'll be stuck listening to this. GOD. I'm in love. Kind of scared to listen to the rest. Wow, your taste is way amazing. much much love!

    1. Thanks, Elena! It's quite an eclectic taste, and usually quite British :)