Friday, March 15, 2013

why i heart alyssa edwards

So even though no one is really consistently killing it week after week, I'm completely engrossed in this season's "Drag Race."  I find this mix of contestants compelling and the challenges have been more entertaining than usual.

But why am I such a fan of earnest, completely (and sort of refreshingly) un-ironic Alyssa Edwards?

Her dance moves during "Whip My Hair."

Her appropriately over-the-top Black Swan.

Her dance-off with Ru.

Tryin' to sneak that Nutri Grain in.

Her facial expressions.

These were two of the funniest moments (out of many) so far of the season for me.


  1. "I wanna be where Alyssa is...
    I wanna see, wanna see her dancin'"
    [Wish I could be part of your wurrrrrrld]

  2. Her Katy Perry impersonation was delightfully silly/guileless as well as she was clueless when it came to the puns/references Ru threw at her during the challenge.

  3. Her facial expressions while beating her face, AND her inflection with those Alyssa-isms are the BEST! #OhMyGawd! The cherry on top was the video call with her Dad. Onward!