Tuesday, July 16, 2013

tu(n)esday! by libby hostetler

Well, summer humidity has hit us like a ton of bricks.  I'm miserable, you're miserable, and we're all planning journeys away from this den of sin we like to call the Big Apple.  I recently escaped to the Bruce Peninsula of Canada and decided I better download a ton of new music for my 11 hour drive.  (Ok, that was a little dramatic for purposes of this article - I broke up the drive by stopping at Syracuse and Mississauga.)  These are my latest musical obssessions born from that trip - hope you enjoy!!!

The 1975.  Good God, these are my new loves.  Saw them a couple weeks ago in Brooklyn and lost my mind.

Junip.  Beautiful, gorgeous, pretty....I could go on and on.  Perfect for driving around Canada.

MS MR.  I know there are a lot of comparisons to Florence but I really feel they have their own sound.

Charli XCX.  This Brit was 19 when her album was released.  19!!!!  Unreal.

Hot Natured.  Welsh DJ Jamie Jones has put together a great band here.  Proving they're not a one-time fluke with Reverse Skydiving, they go and release this gem.

Half Moon Run.  C'mon, I needed a Canadian band for this trip!

HAIM.  I love these chicks.  A true rock group composed of "3 sisters and a mister."

Empire of the Sun.  These wacky Australians kinda fascinate me and kinda scare me with their wild productions.  Truth.

AlunaGeorge.  You probably know them as the voice behind Disclosure's White Noise but here they are on their own.

Ok, go enjoy some ice cold AC somewhere!!


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  1. Awesome selection of songs. I will download right away!