Tuesday, July 9, 2013

tu(n)esday by olivia bonom (dj liv n learn)!

Hello people! My friend Olivia (aka DJ Liv n Learn) is providing today's hot beats! Enjoy. 

If you ever needed to put some funk in your step while walking from the dreaded PATH, LIRR or even trying to dodge those silly tourists during rush hour... this set by Robin Skouteris will surely do it!

This track always makes me want to jump around to the chorus...

I had the pleasure of DJing for this lovely woman, Kat Dahlia, at her 1st album release party in her hometown of New Jersey last year. Not only is she amazingly talented but sweet as pie. Here's the Balistiq remix of Gangsta...

With all the drama that came after the remix of this song, it ended up being better than the original. IMO, Wale has more expression in his verses and Rihanna's sultry voice added depth to the track. Props to Tiara Thomas for writing the hook.

The way the rap/hip-hop game has been lately, there is not much to look forward to but I believe Kendrick Lamar can possibly change that. Chill out to this...

This is my go-to, get-hype track. Add some Missy Elliot and you've taken me to another level. Thank you Diplo.

Phat Beats...

Fly away to higher ground...

I was waiting for a remix to this track and boom, you get what you ask for...

I'm obsessed with Lana Del Rey if you couldn't tell... so this remix with a trap feel and hard synths is totally proper.

Thank you so much JEFF!


I have an extensive library of music and I'm available for all kinds of parties and private events with great rates.

~ Olivia

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  1. This is so totally the bomb that my mind exploded so many times trying to get through these amazing beats! You ROCK sister!!! Thanks for the GREAT music! I needed it today!