Friday, November 25, 2011

night before thanksgiving

Here's a poem by Raymond Luczak.

He has a lovely collection of poems out entitled Road Work Ahead.  You can purchase it here.

Night Before Thanksgiving

New York has fallen into a lazy-susan-eyed sleep.
As I saunter west from St. Mark's Place to my home,
I think of you arriving by car in Ohio.

Right now you must be laughing and carrying on
with your sisters, while you and mother cook in her home.
Am I somewhere in your mind out there in Ohio?

Out here by the lonely piers on Hudson River,
the winds lull me into a make-believe home.
Tonight I cast a net for dreams of you in Ohio.

I am blessed: there are so many leaping in the air.
Your eyes, hands, thighs trawl me rivers home.
I long to shimmer in your arms in Ohio.

When I finally fall asleep, I climb the tallest tree
over there.  You are a breathtaking river called home,
reflecting the prism of autumn beyond Ohio.

-Raymond Luczak

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