Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Here's what's on my playlist. What tunes are y'all feeling this month?

channel ORANGE - Frank Ocean - the whole fucking album

"Laura" - Bat for Lashes (she's back!)

"I Don't Care" - Twin Shadow (mellow goodness)

"Lots" - Dan Deacon (noisy electro craziness)

"Nathan" - Azealia Banks (pretty much all of her mixtape Fantasea and EP 1991)

"Angels" - The xx

"Warm & Easy" - The 2 Bears (I have fond roller rink memories of "Wishing Well")

"Anything We Want" - Fiona Apple - I love this whole album too.  Glad she's back.

"Sail" - AIM (featuring Kate Rogers) (Just heard this again recently and brought me back to 1999 / 2000)

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  1. Pretty much. Lol! I've been obsessed with the Frank Ocean and Azealia Banks albums since they came out.