Tuesday, April 29, 2014

a poem by cindy e. king

To the Virgins 

Painters wear white
just to spite their paint—

Some wear it to weddings, even when
they are not the bride.

Most have turned down more beds
than a hotel housekeeper, take

one night stands
lying down—

Many place faith in champagne
pledges: the bottle’s broken

promise to become beach glass—
But few have learned that divorce

can undo a marriage no more
than a freezer can unbake a cake.

"To the Virgins" originally appeared in New Plains Review: A Journal of Social Commentary

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Cindy E. King currently lives in Lancaster, Texas. Her most recent publications include poems in Callaloo, North American Review, the African American Review, American Literary Review, jubilat, and Barrow Street. She can also be heard online on American Weekendat rhinopoetry.org, and at bhreview.org.

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