Wednesday, March 4, 2015

wcw: the first lady - claire underwood by karen g.

I am unashamed about the fact that I spent my entire weekend indoors watching "House of Cards" - Season 3 on Netflix and binging on Trader Joes snacks. My wardrobe went from soft, comfy pajama pants to soft, comfy “lounge pants” from Uniqlo.

My shame only entered stage left when the immaculately polished Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) was on screen. She, without a doubt, stole the show this season and has never looked better.

Wright used her personal stylist, Kemal Harris to design the looks for the first lady this season and to showcase her evolution in the series.

Harris used classic, tailored lines on Wright’s immaculate physique with soft, liquid fabric drapes for her more formal events.

Harris researched Old Hollywood starlets and watched the movie Adam's Rib which tells the story of domestic and professional tensions between a husband and wife working as opposing lawyers in a murder trial. The court room scenes in this film added inspiration for Claire’s looks when she visits the United Nations.  Harris also collected a selection of vintage patterns from mid-40’s designers like Jacques Fath.

I am not really sure what’s next for me, now that I’ve greedily devoured the entire series in a matter of hours, but a pair of classic Louboutin Pigalle pumps might be the first thing on my “to-do” list.

-Karen G.

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  1. Beautiful post on a beautiful lady playing an intensely powerful character. I, too, have recently binged the third season. I'm actually not all the way done. A few episodes left. But I'm loving it.