Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have a few old New Yorker magazines from 1954 once owned by someone with the initials CWR. For some reason, I envision CWR as a woman -- sort of a loner type.

On the cover, she writes the date when she completed reading the magazine.

Inside, she puts check marks next to every article and books she's read, shows and movies she's seen. In this issue, she hasn't seen Dial M for Murder yet, but in the next issue, she'll have a check mark next to it.

She also puts check marks next to advertisements. I take these as products CWR is particularly fond of. She is a Schewppeswoman (a female lover of Schweppes).

She also chooses Ansco Color Film.

Maybe she took the Ladies Home Journal advice about how to meet a man in church.

I wonder what's become of CWR. If she was my age in 1954, she'd be 84. But based on her taste in American Express Travelers Cheques and Sanka coffee, something tells me she was older and likely no longer with us.