Monday, January 4, 2010

empire state of mind

One of my Christmas presents was a print of Richard Estes's "Telephone Booths" which was on display at the Met in 1987.

His photorealisitc oil paintings are really magnificent. I love the lighting and unique angles he has in his work.

Many are based on color photographs he took. He has painted the city for decades.

Apollo, 1968.

Subway, 1969

Billiards, 1976

Williamsburg Bridge, 1987

5th Avenue Bus sketch, 1995

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 2007

The L Train, 2009

"[the process of art is] calculated, sustained, and slow ... by which you develop something.... It's not done with one's emotions; it's done with the head."
-Richard Estes

You can view his work here.


  1. how does he do that?? subway and l train are my faves (odd cause i haaate the train!)

  2. Stunning pictures, thanks for posting them!

  3. woah, those are insane. never heard about him before, thanks for sharing!

  4. thats a great gift...ove the pictures

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  5. those are paintings? owee. prettty. i must note that for further examinations, i just enrolled in a painting class!

  6. Wow- I love this guy's work! Thanks for sharing! I love the lines and the reflections, and the split views of indoor/outdoor of moving public transportation. that's incredible what he does with oil paint