Thursday, February 4, 2010

fab feb tunes

Here's what I've been playing lately. Who are y'all listening to these days?

I love Marina & the Diamonds and am still not sick of "I Am Not a Robot."

Can't wait for Caribou's record. Love this disco track "Odessa."

The XX - "VCR"

Sigur Ros frontman Jónsi single "Boy Lilikoi"

This song is gorgeous "Lewis Takes Off His Shirt" by Owen Pallett. I prefer the recorded version. The video is a live version.


  1. I'm still listening to the new Vampire Weekend album...practically on repeat!

  2. obsessed with florence + the machine!

  3. I love Marina and the Diamonds, also lately Vampire Weekend.

  4. i love sigur ros! i will have to check out his cd. i'm listening to jullian casablancas and solid gold.

  5. I heard that The xx track on the radio and feel in love with it. Fantastic.