Wednesday, February 10, 2010

snowy day movies

There's a blizzard in New York. It got me thinking about my favorite movies to stay in and watch during a snowstorm. What are yours?

Love Story - Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal frolicking in snowy Central Park. Cool clothes.

The Shining & Misery - These Stephen King chillers tap into snowed-in claustrophobia.

Frozen River - The cold setting of upstate New York becomes its own character in this study of a desperate woman and a Native American who dangerously engage in smuggling people across a frozen river.

Doctor Zhivago - David Lean's epic always seems better when it's snowing outside.

The Ice Storm - Ang Lee's beautiful filming of adultery and other bad behavior in 1973 suburbia.

Citizen Kane - Arresting photography and cinema's most renowned sled and snow globe.

The Cider House Rules - Sentimental, glossy version of John Irving's sprawling novel. There's something very comforting about the Maine settings. And the score is pretty.

Snow Falling on Cedars - I find this film very underrated. A murder mystery unravels in the post-War anti-Japanese environment of Washington state . The cinematography is incredible.


  1. what IS it about snow (and rain for that matter) that makes a movie so much more romantic?

    cold mountain! though nicole isn't one of my fave actresses, she is positively gorg in the snow storm. and the steamy scene between her and jude, omg.

    it's a wonderful life. though the "snow" doesn't melt when they go inside, it's oh-so-romantic in black and white. bedford falls.

    though it's by no means cozy, i do love gladiator. the opening scene with the snow is so beautiful - and it's long and entertaining enough to take your mind off of the blizzard going on outside.

    i love your picks too!

  2. Another snowy movie I love is Beautiful Girls.

  3. i love all of yor picks!

  4. I like Groundhog Day too, they have a blizzard. In terms of classics, I always liked Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby and Fred Astair.
    Btw, Ice Storm was shot in and is about my home town.

  5. Well JB, my personal winter fave is Little Women, because I would love nothing more than to curl up in front of a fire in the middle of nowhere with Christian Bale.

    I also wouldn't mind being huddled in the buried NY Public Library in The Day After Tomorrow with Jake Gyllenhaah. Even though it lacks cinematic excellence...c'mon it's Jake Gyllenhaal. and the world is ENDING.

  6. Good selections here. I'd have to go with The Thing, The Third Man and The Empire Strikes Back.

  7. Fabulous post!
    Don't forget Groundhog Day :)


  8. ice storm and groundhog day. woot woot!!!

  9. Oh yes!! I love the shining ;) One of my favorite movies in the world and perfect for a snowy day like today ;)