Saturday, April 3, 2010

come visit my garden & love

Today's poems are by Tom Dent from the 1964 anthology New Negro Poets: USA edited by Langston Hughes. You can read about the collection from an article in Time.

Come Visit My Garden

noisy bumble bees
and yellow jackets too,
rest awhile.

Come visit my garden,
come sit with me,
come drink with me,
come abide with me,
come think, talk
and relax with me
in my garden.

Look out from my cool abode
into the hot, hot day
and rest.

Come dream with me
while I surgically remove thorns
from my sweet roses.

Enjoy with me
the insulation
of my methodically erected
brick walls.



the gold of heaven
the blue of hell
the sun of day
the tomb of night--
the golden sun
anchoring my
spinning heart
while a blue tomb
lurks icily in
the dark.

-Tom Dent

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