Saturday, April 24, 2010

poems by matthew hittinger

Codex Gigas

My many doppelgangers :
I raise my sword By the Power of
pinch my earlobe Synergy!
Hail my team I am Phoenix!
These clues keys secret identities

The me always receding
Hear me: who gave you permission to
Rearrange me
like Lavoisier’s
Experiment that Muriatic
Acid wash that rearranged
The atoms red rose turned white.
End this. Begin this. Say my
Name. Does its presence make me shape me?

What to do with those who want to say
I have a different name?
Tangled alphabet, illuminate.


PopeMobile :

as in the vehicle in which the Pope
rides as in the day the Pope came to town

he rode down Fifth in his PopeMobile four
helicopters formed not a cross a check

mark in the sky as if to say here here
sits the Pope in his mobile while one blue

and white NYPD the fifth if you
are keeping count runs the course of Fifth up

and back cantilevering over Sheep's
Meadow where T-shirts bearing this new Pope's

face glitter in red and gold and papal
flags flutter yellow in the April sun


One Day HoMo

appeared the beige plaster
flaked off the wall where the gray

marker amended the black spray
paint Mo there for months

a pre-teen’s tag the Ho added
overnight greeting or threat

or the games of the adolescent
my bedroom window view

-Matthew Hittinger

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