Tuesday, December 30, 2014

top 10 albums of the year: #3


Cineplexx - Florianopolis

Armed with lilting, tropic guitars, breezy, bossa beats, and crafty melodies, London-based Argentine Cineplexx's newest album is a luxurious ride and one of the year's most enjoyable collection of tunes. My favorite track might be "Far" (a collaboration with Ana Montiel)--a reverberated vocal swirling in moderate-tempo-ed, lush disco--but the album as a whole is paradise.

"Well roots are always there, for 29 years I listened to so much Latin music that I think it is impossible to avoid this influence. Actually, I love it and embrace it, in my own way. I love lots of Latin music, especially Brazilian music, Latin folklore, tango, Latin traditional music and romantic boleros, all this music is inside me and somehow will always be present in my own productions. I never stopped looking for new exciting music and in this search I continually discover more and more amazing music from Latin America too. In my music there is a kind of melancholy or nostalgia that you can find familiar to tango or bossa nova somehow." -Cineplexx

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