Thursday, December 17, 2015

libby hostetler's top albums of 2015!

My top 3 (in no certain order!):

Kendrick Lamar - How To Pimp a Butterfly

Not only the most appropriately timed album possible but the blend of jazz and rap makes for a deservedly-Grammy nominated album.

Tame Impala - Currents

Who hurt Kevin Parker?  He's clearly recovering from a breakup and reevaluating his life and we all know how breakups make for great albums (ahem, Adele).

Jamie xx - In Colour

Not the dance album you were expecting but something much deeper.  The minute I hear "Gosh" start up I'm like, go for it!

The rest of the best:

Leon Bridges - Coming Home

I swear, this guy is straight out of 1964.  His clothes, his band, his dancing, his way of referring to his friends as "cats" - it all makes for a smooth album.

Adele - 25

No shit, the queen returns to form.

Kelela - Hallucinogen

I can't wait for a full album from this girl.  Weird and abstract beats with a gorgeous voice.  Which brings me to...

FKA twigs - M3LL155X

Tahiyah Barnett continues to amaze me with her alter ego, FKA twigs.

Courtney Barnett - Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit

The distinct sound of Courtney talking/singing through songs just kills me - such a way with words

Blur - The Magic Whip

I know, I know, I adore British artists.  It was such a pleasant surprise to see these guys not only reunite but put out a fantastic album!

Wolf Alice - Our Love is Cool

These rockers manage to take me back to all the early 90s grunge sounds.  So impressive.

Iron & Wine and Ben Bridwell - Sing Into My Mouth

An unlikely pairing between friends with extensive albums of their own, this covers album was such a breath of fresh air this summer.

Beach House - Thank Your Lucky Stars

I was a little concerned when Depression Cherry was released - what the hell was that?  Then this album was released and I was immediately relieved.  Blissful, dreamy perfection.

-Libby Hostetler

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