Tuesday, August 17, 2010

on the road, soundtrack

So this weekend I immersed myself in Jack Kerouac's On the Road. I followed it up with John Leland's Why Kerouac Matters: The Lessons of 'On the Road' (They're Not What You Think) which not only deepened my appreciation of Kerouac's novel but cleared up a lot of misconceptions about the book and Kerouac. One of my favorite aspects of the novel was the music and Leland compiled a great list of songs that Kerouac references. I thought I'd share.

The film version is in production now with director Walter Salles (The Motorcycle Diaries) attached. I can't imagine anyone else who would be able to bring this to the screen but him.

Lover Man - Billie Holiday

Central Avenue Breakdown - Lionel Hampton

Cement Mixer - Slim Gaillard

Duke Ellington - C-Jam Blues

Red Norvo - Congo Blues

Perez Prado - Mambo Jambo

Blue Skies - Frank Sinatra

A Fine Romance - Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers

Hallelujah I'm a Bum - Al Jolson

Beethoven's Fidelio


  1. Great post! So reminiscent of the old days! We've got to keep them alive!


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  2. Great tunes. Hope you've had a cool week.

  3. awesome! i went to see ginsberg's photos of the gang this weekend...love it :)

  4. Great tunes, I love Ellington recordings!