Monday, August 30, 2010

my sorta liked / sorta didn't emmy dress list

Am I the only one struggling a bit to find favorites at the Emmys? Is this really the year to call Kim Kardashian best dressed?

I loved the embellished neckline on her Marchesa gown and the back as well.

My sort of liked, sorta didn't list

Because the dresses were overall so blandly bad I'm fond of this year's risk-takers.

The usual on-spot January Jones in Atelier Versace is fun but a bit of a miss for me (the color) though I love the Miu Miu shoos:

I also kind of felt Anna Paquin's Alexander McQueen.

Tina Fey in Oscar de la Renta.

Padma Lakshmi in Carolina Herrera. I love the color and the top half. Not sure about the slit.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Narciso Rodriguez. I love her but can she pull this off? I appreciate the earrings.


  1. padma needs to cool it w/ the tulle

  2. yikes, id have to say Kim K. is the best dressed. But I do like the color of Padma's dress, and Tina Fey is safe in her black/grey ensemble. Better than the rest.

  3. yeah, it's all a bit blah. i think you have to give Tina Fey props though, after the dresses she's worn in the past year. this is a huge improvement. But Sookie is not looking good.

  4. lol...i completely agree with you! i kept thinking they're going to need a mediocre dressed list this year. Kim Kardashian was indeed best dressed in that lovely Marchesa and January Jones was worst dressed in that Versace Atelier disaster.

  5. I agree with the overall blandness however here are my hits and total misses...

    Favorites: Kyra Sedgwick, Julie Bowen, Rose Byrne (hair not so much), Wanda Sykes (best she's ever looked!), Dianna Agron (kinda prairie-ish but so flattering on her), Cheryl Hines (loved!), Julia Ormond, Jayma Mays, and Julie Benz (sleek!)

    Least Faves: Naya Rivera (don't even know what to say), Mindy Kaling (same... speechless), Rita Wilson (the shoes have to be the worst ever), Ty and Holly Burrell, Christina Hendricks (like the bottom but the sleeves and cleavage ruined it for me), Anna Paquin (just was not flattering on her but I liked the idea)

  6. @sarah you always have unusual choices. love it!

    @michael glad you agree. (i secretly like jj's though)

    @chanti & @lechicbatik agreed.

    @panda glad ur giving tf props as well. and i still like anna's!

    i love the mcqueen actually, the rest are just so bleugh...

  8. i can totally see your point!!not really sure about any of the dresses, don;t hate them but don't wow me either!!