Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a poem by jeffery conway

A poem from a poet I love who spells his name Jeffery, the same way my name is spelled!

Formal French Garden

Boxwoods arrive en masse. Biofeedback
unravels the high poodle caliber
of these verdant plants, delivered at crack
of dawn to transform latest high water-
mark of Cottage Street’s remodels. Fortune
smiles on the new owners: magenta
hollyhocks (ripped out) make way for cartoon
Versailles-esque yard, complete with aroma
of royalty gone to seed. A balmy
eve reveals teak furniture lit by globes
of therapeutic candles. Queens calmly
chat behind just-planted privet hedge—nope,
cackles cut into night—a resurgence
of gossip, bitchiness, utter nonsense.

Jeffery Conway is the author of The Album That Changed My Life and co-author of Phoebe 2002: An Essay in Verse. His recently completed manuscript is "Showgirls: The Movie in Sestinas."

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