Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a poem by sommer browning

Acts of Misinterpreted Surrender

From a car a woman yells: Pick a lane, bitch—
and thusly, you are welcomed to the jungle.

A kind of chosen birthday
with no perfect pianoness, a kind of chosen Milwaukee,
with no abyss.

The instant becomes funny & numerous
beyond the lake’s glassier, exacting mirror,

as if of a note’s three parts,
you chose the middle eternal.

Take away a thinker’s thuses and her mouth
lacks giving, take her contradictions

and she lights up like the fire climax pine.
And this whole time, did you notice, the little, tired flea?

His grain of rice is raised;
what a gorgeous way to say bless you.

Sommer Browning is the author of Either Way I'm Celebrating (Birds, LLC; 2011), a book of poetry and comics. With Tony Mancus, she founded Flying Guillotine Press. She enjoys things in Denver.

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