Friday, April 27, 2012

a poem by aaron delee

Ball and Socket

In a retrospective review: criteria
required the presence of the both of us,
always.  Fraught with ambiguity there
was uncertainty in understanding what
to do when isolated.  Then festered
our malaise; a tender point made counted
as a cut; one which never would be sewn
up with catgut.  And it was asked
that we toughen ourselves for such
intensive companionship; like cartilage,
we could snap but never really break—
may we minimize this joint destruction.

Aaron DeLee is an MFA candidate at Northwestern University.  He received his BA in Creative Writing from Loyola University of Chicago.  He helps edit poetry and write reviews for TriQuarterly Online, and his work has appeared in various journals.  In his free-time, you might find him running along Chicago's lakeshore path.

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