Monday, April 9, 2012

a poem by farnoosh fathi


Like a totem of birds, every last one
distinct, built with nearly identical

Hair blew into my mouth when I laughed:
an angle where briefly the gold
mimesis of inedible worms
was hid.

A rifle of Aristophanes,
a butt of Rilke,
the mane of Rintrah,
all kept under the drum pillow,
the bluff grass
while dribbling clouds

"This mirror deprives the face
of love, of one’s own"—

The earliness of the bird
that told me, in my red-faced
dynamism, a categorical

New mobilities, suit up in armor of birds—
stand and test:

"The shield of the heart is the heart"—

Beak—open and close,
open and close,
I count two points of an ungorgeable star—

"Aubade" first appeared in Everyday Genius.

Farnoosh Fathi lives in San Francisco. Her poems have appeared in Everyday Genius, Fence, Poetry and elsewhere.

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