Tuesday, April 21, 2015

a poem by ariel yelen

Sometimes I Am Like the Flower of Farewell

I think you are the goats she says   
and you are you  
and I think you're afraid of anger
rage is what the goats feel as they stampede towards me   
all because I threw a stick   
why did you throw a stick  
well I was in a field and
I wanted to make a loud sound   
the stick broke in  

like the deer 
two halves of its body dragged to the side of the highway   
on the drive to Kerhonkson 
where my friend walks with me through the woods   
and points out the dead leaves   
how it feels to walk amongst them  
they are wet and flat in the dirt   

and I'm just letting them grow as they would  
dark hairs  
dark moods  
I too love those hours of my being   

I too like to watch things ripen

Ariel Yelen's poems have been published in Two Serious Ladies, and the 2014 anthology Shadow of the Geode. She lives in Brooklyn and works as the Community Manager for Bowery Poetry, where she also co-curates the Fantasy Reading Series.

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  1. Interesting words here...beautifully strung out. Love the symbolism, and the poem title is stunning.