Friday, April 10, 2015

a poem by daniel w.k. lee


Where were you finding me—everywhere not home?
As if a rearview mirror, is your blind spot home?

What is fair in love and war? Only fire? Ashes?
Men who perfected burning always, never got home.

God in shame, even angels refused the Holy Land;
None surrendered Jerusalem. Everyone fought home.

History will not restore him. No, dying was his ticket.
When else—save dying—is diaspora brought home?

A nomad in exile draws his blinds, vanishes to where?
Where nobody else thought. Nobody thought home.

P.S. Daniel, I left to become disaster’s first orphan.
On the page I found you, in the poem I sought home.

"Home" originally appeared in LYNX.

Daniel W.K. Lee is a Seattle-based poet whose work has been seen in various online and print publications. He is currently looking for a publisher for his first poetry manuscript. Lee is the blogger behind and Editor of JAKE Voices at

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