Thursday, September 27, 2012

goonies fashions

Mikey's (Sean Astin) denim coat (I still dress like this!).

Martha Plimpton's red-toned scarf & hoodie ensemble.

Chunk's (Jeff Cohen) Hawaiian shirt & popped collar red windbreaker.

Troy's high school jacket & preppy sweater set.

Mouth's (Corey Feldman) Purple Rain T.

And of course... Josh Brolin's red bandana.

I remember in the pre-You Tube days wanting to see the video for "The Goonies R Good Enough" and the excitement of finally watching it on The Goonies DVD.  It's a pretty goofy clip and features WWF peeps but the song lives forever!

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  1. This made my day. Laughing so hard. "Martha Plimpton's red-toned scarf & hoodie ensemble". Can't stop giggling!