Wednesday, February 20, 2013

karen g's colossal ads from the 60s

Let me transport you to a world when commercials were sweeping cinematic epics that not only made you remember the company advertising the product, but actually made you really, really want the product too.  The fun, catchy jingles are such a treat!  We live in a world of reptiles and screaming pigs selling insurance and where a family of road-trippers start up the instrumentals to “Crazy Train” by shaking a cup of ice.  (I still don’t know what they were selling there by the way).  In honor of jdbrecords’ nod to the 60’s – below are a few commercials that I hand-picked for their beautiful, and fun spirit. Enjoy.

Yardley’s Slicker Dolly Commercial late 1960s

Colossal Hair Spray 1968

Coca Cola 1960 commercial

Maybelline’s eye makeup commercial 1965

LOVE the Johnny Smoke Anti-Smoking PSA’s from the 60s.

Twist and turn Barbie 1960s

Sanka Coffee 1963 (scoop them granules child)

Joy Detergent commercial 1960s (“Mirror, mirror, on your plate…)

- Karen G.


  1. Fantastic Round Up! I couldn't have been more entertained! The way the wind has been whipping through the city, I'd LOVE to get my hands on some of that colossal hair spray for my fro, and you know the Yardley's Slicker bus would be this year's favorite stocking stuffer!

  2. I need some Yardley Slicker Dolly for my chapped beak this winter gurl!