Monday, February 18, 2013

meep's midnite cinema

Check out the mixtape I made of retro movie music, inspired by Cinema Du Meep.


1. Telescope (from 'Body Double'): Pino Donaggio
2. Hello Mr. W.A.M. (from 'American Gigolo'): Giorgio Moroder
3. The Shower (from 'Dressed to Kill'): Pino Donaggio
4. Love Story / Bozzo Barrett: Francis Lai
5. Profondo Rosso: Goblin
6. Theme from 'Friday the 13th Part III': Harry Manfredini
7. Magic (from 'Xanadu'): Olivia Newton-John
8. Nightcall (from 'Drive'): Kavinsky
9. Soldier in the Rain (from 'Gods & Monsters'): Carter Burwell
10. We May Never Love Like This Again (from 'The Towering Inferno'): Maureen McGovern
11. Blue Velvet: Lana Del Rey
12. The City Theme (from 'Earthquake'): John Williams
13. The Rodeo Collection (from 'Body Double'): Pino Donaggio 
14. The Crying Game: Boy George
15. Theme from 'The Deep' (Down Deep Inside): Donna Summer
16. Christine: John Carpenter & Splash Band
17. Chariots of Pumpkins (from 'Halloween III'): John Carpenter
18. Chase (from 'Midnight Express'): Giorgio Moroder
19. The Terrace: Linus Loves
20. I Never Dreamed Someone Like You Could Love Someone Like Me (from 'Carrie'): Katie Irving
21. Can You Read My Mind? (from 'Superman'): Maureen McGovern
22. Love Theme from 'Flashdance': Helen St. John
23. Pino Grigio: Lovelock
24. Hello Mr. W.A.M. (Reprise): Giorgio Moroder

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  1. This is fab by the way!!! Hope Meep is excited about the mix!