Wednesday, December 27, 2017

top 10 albums of the year: #1


Masseduction - St. Vincent

On St. Vincent's terrific, slickly-produced new album, Annie Clark starts a fire--blazing through a fiery crown of intro songs (like rock candy anthems "Pills" and "Sugarboy") and then midway through comes the somber "Dear Johnny" which is the album's sad, conflicted heart (the lyrics and  carefully drawn instrumentation are quietly stirring) with the remainder of the record burning slowly out.

"...once the record is done and out in the world, it doesn’t belong to me anymore and it shouldn’t. People take it and weave it into their lives however they see fit. I have exactly zero qualms about being “misunderstood” — I’m happy to be misunderstood as long as the misunderstanding isn’t something horrible. I’m happy for people to find their own meaning and their own journey with it." -St. Vincent

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