Tuesday, December 26, 2017

top 10 albums of the year: #2


DAMN.  - Kendrick Lamar

After the impressive, daring, and varied opus To Pimp a Butterfly (my #1 album of 2015) and the compilation record Untitled Unmastered, Kendrick Lamar returned with the bold DAMN. Unlike previous studio albums, this one recalls the streamlined tightness of Section.80. The album is immediate but also grows on repeated listens, with an interesting mix of spot guests, and lyrics on the current state of affairs meshed with the intimately personal.

"The initial goal was to make a hybrid of my first two commercial albums. That was our total focus, how to do that sonically, lyrically, through melody – and it came out exactly how I heard it in my head. … It's all pieces of me. My musicality has been driving me since I was four years old. It's just pieces of me, man, and how I execute it is the ultimate challenge. Going from To Pimp a Butterfly to DAMN., that shit could have crashed and burned if it wasn't executed right. So I had to be real careful on my subject matter and how I weave in and out of the topics, where it still organically feels like me." -Kendrick Lamar

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