Sunday, April 28, 2013

a poem by david groff

I highly recommend David Groff's new collection Clay (Trio House Press). The poems are deeply moving and sometimes playful and witty, with perceptive ruminations on the pain, joy, and eroticism of the human experience.

Below is a poem from the book,"Scavenger."


Yes, like this gull
buzzing the fishing boat,
teased out to sea
too far to fly
if he could not light
on the scaly deck,
lured by guts
the world splits open,
improbably white,
taking to heart
the free debris
and worthless fish,
the castaway who
refuses no refuse,

or this vulture
eying the dying,
patroller of roads,
a hungry undertaker,
savoring stink
the others shirk,
beyond disdain,
doing a favor,
the desert shadow
unflappably there,
no predator but
the death of the party,
his claw an embrace,
his eye on the sparrow.

David Groff’s book Clay was selected by Michael Waters for the Louise Bogan Award and was just published by Trio House Press. An independent book editor, he teaches in the MFA program at the City College of New York.

photo by Alan Barnett

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