Monday, April 8, 2013

poems by gregory laynor

           from the book Gregory Laynor

Gregory Laynor and the True to Life Crayons

A pack of true to life crayons has an amazon forest crayon, a caribbean current crayon, a
florida  sunshine  crayon,  a  grand  canyon  crayon,  a  maui  sunset crayon, a milky way
crayon, a sahara desert crayon, and a yosemite campfire crayon.

Gregory Laynor and the Silly Scents Pencils

A  pack  of  silly  scents pencils has a fairy tales forest pencil, a ghoulish graham cracker
pencil, a lobster lips pencil, a monkey breath pencil, an oozing ogre pencil, a rotten tooth
fairy pencil, a sasquatch socks pencil, and a zombie laundry pencil.

Gregory Laynor and the Silly Scents Crayons

A pack of silly scents crayons has an alien armpit crayon, a big foot feet crayon, a booger
buster  crayon,  a  dingy  dungeon crayon, a gargoyle gas crayon, a giant’s club crayon, a
magic  potion  crayon,  a  mummy’s  tomb  crayon,  an ogre odor crayon, a pixie powder
crayon,  a  princess  perfume  crayon,  a  sasquatch socks crayon, a sea serpent crayon, a
smashed pumpkin crayon, a sunburnt cyclops crayon, and a winter wizard crayon.

Gregory Laynor's uncreative writhing includes a reading in 913 mp3s of Gertrude Stein's The Making of Americans.

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