Tuesday, April 9, 2013

tu(n)esday! (the coachella edition) by libby hostetler

Ahhhh, it's that time of year.  When winter hasn't quite peaced the f*ck out and I'm praying for temps above 40 degrees.  When I am so pasty white that any little ray of sunshine immediately chars my skin within 5 minutes.  When I'm itching for a vacation anywhere but the northeast and my cat starts packing my bags in anticipation.  When I'm dying to dance my ass off with 150,000 other lunatics in near-100 degree heat.  YES folks, that's right - it's time for Coachella!  Here are my personal picks as to who I can't wait to see this year and in no particular order:


I have to start off with my #1 favorite band right now.  I just saw them in Williamsburg and I was completely blown away.  Easily my favorite concert of the year so far.  (Side note - I feel a little creepy loving them so much when they're 18 and 21!!!!)


Long live Britpop!!!!  Here's hoping Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon can "play nice" through their whole set.

Tame Impala

These Aussies put out what could arguably be the best album of last year.  Psychedelic rock at its finest!

Ben Howard

I recently discovered this guy's work thanks to Melissa :)  He could end up being the artist making all the girls weep with his soulful tunes.

The Stone Roses

So word has it Ian Brown can't sing well in their surprise reunion shows.  So what?  The grooves this Brit group produces are like no other.  And it instantly brings to mind images of "Madchester" and early 90s raves.


I'm underwhelmed by the first single from their forthcoming album, Entertainment, but anticipation is pretty high for these Frenchies' headlining set.

James Blake

Forget it.  This Brit makes me cry every single time I see him perform.  Add this set to another tear-jerker show.


The legend that almost never was.  If you've seen Searching for Sugar Man, you will totally understand how it's amazing that this guy is performing at Coachella!

Eric Prydz

There may be a lack of big EDM names this year (which some people are happy about) but this guy will have me running to the Sahara tent in seconds flat.


  1. Great post! I want a follow up piece afterwards - who lived up to the hype and who did not.

  2. The lineup that's on everyone's lips, Coachella 2013! No two conversations have been the same, and every conversation is overall very excited! Looking forward to hearing how it all went down. HOPE YOU'LL BE THERE, LIBBY!