Monday, April 15, 2013

a poem by peter longofono


As of yes they can be discerned.
Dunkirk eve they work, seriously
preservative she-goats. Peds nearly
equilateral, the panzers' drawn
beads. As mustn't be I cede my cardinal
orgasm cubic bit. I, joined, watch
quick-quarrying  treads.

As slate picks victim cleavage,
as conscripted sloops rechristen
to brandied smithereens, so I,
pomp merchant, can't abscess.
Thus my collared bell, my thick domestic
whine, Hadrian, tillered zygote steerage,
my shipwritten daughter, Britannica,
the limestone pendant I am
summoning courage to gulp.

Peter Longofono received his MFA from NYU, where he edited international content for Washington Square Review and served as a Goldwater Fellow. Recently, he has joined forces with Alissa Fleck to host this year's Graduate Poets Series at Cornelia St. Cafe in Manhattan. He lives in Brooklyn.

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