Wednesday, October 24, 2012

edith head & hitch

Edith Head passed away 31 years ago today but the costumes she designed for film and particularly the movies of Alfred Hitchcock are immortal.  Assembling these screenshots (from the 1000 Frames of Hitchcock project), I noticed the frequent use of purple (especially its ironic use in Topaz), that older characters who are typically dowdy in film have a sense of style and sophistication in her work and how she was able to add little touches to even the minor characters to make them distinct and memorable.


Rear Window

The Trouble with Harry

To Catch a Thief 

The Man Who Knew Too Much


The Birds


Family Plot 


  1. What an absolutely STUNNING read! I loved your selection of photographs. While "The Birds" and "Vertigo" are of my favorite Hitchcock films, Grace Kelly's costumes in "Rear Window" and "To Catch a Thief" have resonated with me since I saw those films as a young girl. I always hoped to capture some of that style in my own wardrobe but competing with Edith's eye for fashion and styling and Grace Kelly's incredible looks have left me a little short! (That and a credit card limit that would shame even the most frugal minimalist!) SIGH!!!

  2. HOW MUCH DO I LOVE the way your posts either compliment something I've JUST experienced, or give me an idea of something that I must experience IMMEDIATELY!

    Just got off of a Hitchcock blitz.
    OnDemand movies (cable is good for something, sometimes!).

    Of my favorites highlighted were Notorious, The Trouble with Harry, and To Catch a Thief. Notorious and The Trouble with Harry I'd never seen before. Score!

    Being both a fan of classic movies and fashion, your post highlight a consideration that I'd only admired as a fan of the art of costume design in classic film. That consideration IS indeed Edith Head. I mean seriously, did we see
    Sunset Boulevard?!?!?

    You said nothing, but the TRUTH: The genius that was Edith Head is preeminently unfading!

  3. Edith Head had impeccable taste. Ever since I saw To Catch a Thief I've never forgot Grace Kelly's black and white outfit with that marvellous hat - I'd wear the whole thing in a heartbeat. Also love the fur jacket in The Birds, the dress with the floral pattern in Rear Window, and the third piece in Notorious.

  4. Awesome post, darling!
    Loooooove Cary Grant!