Tuesday, October 22, 2013

cmj tu(n)esday! by melissa presti

After 5 sleepless nights of the 2013 CMJ Music Marathon came to an end on Saturday, I have a ton of new music to share (and some old favorites who continued to impress me)! Here are my highlights:

Lucius - Turn It Around

I heard these Brooklyn ladies were a local favorite, and they killed it!

James Bay - Move Together

The British singer-songwriter had an incredible acoustic set, and he was easily one of my favorites of the week.

Prides - Out of the Blue

The synthpop Glasgow group Prides kicked off a UK music showcase (basically my fantasy), and their very first single "Out of the Blue" is a preview of the amazing dance tunes.

Duologue - Gift Horse

Beautiful things happening with their experimental beats and ethereal sound.

Strange Talk - Climbing Walls

Electro-pop Aussies. Feels like they've fused Two Door Cinema Club and Phoenix together.

The Stationary Set - Close Enough

I stumbled into Rockwood Music Hall (possibly after too many drinks) and The Stationary Set was the next band up. 2 songs in and I was wondering HOW was it possible to stumble upon this much awesome?

Panama Wedding - All of the People

I got a double dose of Panama Wedding at two different showcases, and their tropical indie rock was such a crowd pleaser. I discovered they have only released one song, and it doesn't even begin to show how great they are live. Ready for more!

Claire - Games

A German dance-pop band with a ton of energy and eclectic beats.

NONONO - Like the Wind

From Stockholm, this group is YESYESYES (see what I did there? I'm sorry.)

Betty Who - High Society

The entire band wore matching letter jackets while Betty Who skipped around on stage. Amazingness.

Ghost Beach - Miracle

I saw these local New York guys open up for Imagine Dragons a year ago, and they've been my dance jam ever since. Totally deserving of the night's headline.

Half Moon Run - Unofferable

My favorite Canadians closed out the week at 1am on Saturday, and after so many loud dance parties, this was the perfect note to end on.

-Melissa Presti

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